A registered ZFP compression plugin for HDF5
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markcmiller86 * fix potential buffer overrun in dims_used array
* fix use of ndims_used instead of ndims in ZFP header setup
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A highly flexible floating point and integer compression plugin for the HDF5 library using ZFP compression.

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For information about ZFP compression and the BSD-Licensed ZFP library, see...

For information about HDF5 filter plugins, see...

This H5Z-ZFP plugin supports ZFP versions 0.5.0 through 0.5.2.

This plugin uses the registered HDF5 plugin filter id 32013

The HDF5 filter plugin code here is also part of the Silo library. However, we have made an effort to also support it as a stand-alone package due to the likely broad appeal and utility of the ZFP compression library.

This plugin supports all 4 modes of the ZFP compression library, rate, accuracy, precision and expert. It supports 1, 2 and 3 dimensional datasets of single and double precision integer and floating point data. It can be applied to HDF5 datasets of more than 3 dimensions as long as no more than 3 dimensions of the chunking are of size greater than 1.

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