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LaunchMON is a software infrastructure that enables HPC run-time tools to co-locate tool daemons with a parallel job. Its API allows a tool to identify all the remote processes of a job and to scalably launch daemons into the relevant nodes.

Building LaunchMON

LaunchMON requires the following packages to build

libgcrypt >= 1.4.5
libgcrypt-devel >= 1.4.5
libgpg-error >= 1.7.0
# for secure handshake
Building from Source

The following is the simplest way to configure, build and install the LaunchMON package from the source checked out from this repo.

If you are building from a distribution, skip to step (2).

(1) cd into the root directory of this package

(2) Bootstrap the package:

% ./bootstrap

(3) Configure:

% ./configure --prefix=/foo/tool/lmon --with-test-rm=slurm

For example, the above configuration command will configure the package. The optional --prefix switch will set /foo/tool/lmon as the prefix directory for installation; the optional --with-test-rm will configure test cases to be built for SLURM resource manager (RM).

./configure --help prints other available configuration options.

(4) Build:

% make

will build the package directly within the source tree.

(5) Install:

% make install

(6) Smoke test:

% make check

will build the test codes in the test/src directory within the source tree. cd test/src directory under the source directory and run test.launch_1 and test.attach_1 as your smoke tests. Note that these test cases assume that you alreay have an allocation (or interactive partition) under the invoking shell so that RM job launcher (e.g. srun) can launch and execute a parallel target application. Also ensure that '.' is in your $PATH when you run the smoke test scripts.

Building with Spack

LaunchMON and its dependencies are also packaged via the Spack package manager. It can be installed with the following commands:

git clone
cd spack
./bin/spack install launchmon