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@rhornung67 rhornung67 released this 30 Oct 22:28
· 3325 commits to main since this release

This release contains new features, bug fixes, and build improvements. Please see the RAJA user guide for more information about items in this release.

Please download the RAJA-v0.13.0.tar.gz file below. The others will not work due to the way RAJA uses git submodules.

Notable changes include:

  • New features:

    • Execution policies for the RAJA HIP back-end and examples have been added to the RAJA User Guide and Tutorial.
    • Strongly-typed indices now work with Multiview.
  • Build changes/improvements:

    • Update BLT to version X.y.z.
    • Added option to enable/disable runtime plugin loading. This is now off by default. Previously, it was always enabled and there was no way to disable it.
  • Bug fixes/improvements:

    • Issues have been addressed so that the OpenMP target back-end is now working properly for all supported features. This has been verified with multiple clang compilers, including clang 10, and the XL compiler.
    • Various data structures have been made trivially copyable to ensure they are mapped properly to device memory with OpenMP target execution.
    • Numerous improvements and fixes (formatting, typos, etc.) in User Guide.