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@rhornung67 rhornung67 released this
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This release contains feature enhancements, one breaking change, and some bug fixes.

Please download the RAJA-v0.9.0.tar.gz file below. The others will not work due to the way RAJA uses git submodules.

  • Breaking change
    • The atomic namespace in RAJA has been removed. Now, use atomic operations as RAJA::atomicAdd(), not RAJA::atomic::atomicAdd(), for example. This was done to make atomic usage consistent with other RAJA features, such as reductions, scans, etc.

Other notable changes include:

  • Features

    • The lambda statement interface has been extended in the RAJA kernel API. Earlier, when multiple lambda expressions were used in a kernel, they were required to all have the same arguments, although not all arguments had to be used in each lambda expression. Now, lambda arguments may be specified in the RAJA::statement::Lambda type so that each lambda expression need only take the arguments it uses. However, the previous usage pattern will continue to be supported. To support the new interface, new statement types have been introduced to indicate iteration space variables (Segs), local variable/array parameters (Params), and index offsets (Offsets). The offsets can be used with a For statement as a replacement for the ForICount statement. The new API features are described in the RAJA User Guide.
    • Minloc and maxloc reductions now support a tuple of index values. So now if you have a nested loop kernel with i, j, k loops, you can get the 'loc' value out as an i, j, k triple.
  • Bug Fixes:

    • Small change to make RAJA Views work properly with OpenMP target kernels.
    • Changes to fix OpenMP target back-end for XL compilers.
    • Fix build issue with older versions of GNU compiler.
    • Fixes to resolve issues associated with corner cases in choosing improper number of threads per block or number of thread blocks for CUDA execution policies.
  • Build changes/improvements:

    • A few minor portability improvements