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@davidbeckingsale davidbeckingsale released this
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The most visible changes in this release are:

  • Umpire is MPI-aware (outputs rank information to logs and replays) when
    configured with the option ENABLE_MPI=On, and umpire::initialize(MPI_Comm comm) must be called.

  • AllocationStrategies may be wrapped with multiple extra layers. To "unwrap" an
    Allocator to a specific strategy, the umpire::util::unwrap_allocator method
    can be used, for example:

  auto dynamic_pool =

This will impact users who have been using DynamicPool::coalesce. The cookbook
recipe has been updated accordingly, and the previous code snippet can be

  • Umpire now directs log and replay output to files, one per process. The
    filenames can be controlled by the environment variable UMPIRE_OUTPUT_BASENAME

  • ENABLE_CUDA now set to Off by default.

  • Allocations for 0 bytes now always return a valid pointer that cannot be read
    or written. These pointers can be deallocated.

Please see for the complete set of changes.