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@CamStan CamStan released this 29 Mar 20:40
· 241 commits to dev since this release

Release Notes

  • Minimum Automake version of 1.15 or newer now required
  • Update for newer versions of dependencies (Margo v0.9.1, Mercury v2.0.0)
    • Select OFI over BMI when both NA are available for mercury
    • margo_init() - fallback to ofi+sockets if ofi+tcp fails
  • Use RPC to return read data to client
  • Avoid interleaved log messages
  • Add support for setting cores-per-server via environ
  • Define UNIFYFS_SUPER_MAGIC value as default returned by statfs
    • Setting UNIFYFS_CLIENT_SUPER_MAGIC=0 will revert to old behavior of returning TMPFS_MAGIC
  • Add UNIFYFS_LOG_ON_ERROR support
  • Update unifyfs-config and pkgconfig input files
  • Redirect mercury log messages to our server log
  • Update build
    • make GOTCHA a fully optional (but preferred) dependency
      • Note: MPI-IO and HDF5 support are lost when building without GOTCHA
    • Don't build anything needing Fortran support if GOTCHA not found
      • Note: GOTCHA dependency now required when enabling Fortran support
    • Add a --with-spath config option
    • Skip unit tests needing spath when dependency not available
  • Update Travis CI to test on multiple version of GCC
  • Update unit tests
    • Add read of increasing size unit tests
    • Add statfs tests
    • Addition of statfs test suite for testing UnifyFS with different config options
  • Update CI tests
    • Refactor structure of suites
    • Add writeread with shuffle tests
    • Add MPI-IO tests
    • Add producer/consumer workflow tests
  • Update
  • Documentation updates

Config option changes

  • Set UNIFYFS_DAEMONIZE default to on

Bug fixes

  • avoid truncate on creating a new file
  • fix size_t/unsigned param mismatch
  • remove forced call to stat in write_laminate
  • fix pkgconfig support
  • testutil fix for data checking on unaligned write
  • fix test suites to call unifyfs_unmount
  • unit test fixes for correct errno usage
  • mercury NA SM - enable kernel.yama.ptrace_scope
  • fix minor bugs in write and read examples
  • fix to execute filesize rpc only for (unlaminated) regular files
  • fix to open example (sysio-open) to separate the create and open rank
  • fix inode extent add race
  • fix for truncate broadcast ENOENT
  • fix for laminate bcast when inode does not exist
  • fix race condition on file create

Potential Hang

Note that there is currently a potential hang that may be encountered when using UnifyFS at larger scales.
This hang starts to show up around 1024 processes (256 compute nodes w/ ppn=4) and is currently being investigated.