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@white238 white238 released this 09 Apr 23:55
· 424 commits to develop since this release

[Version 0.4.0] - Release date 2021-04-09


    link directories implicitly added by CMake. See the following example host-config:
  • Added support for clang-tidy static analysis check
  • Added ability to change the output name of an executable via the OUTPUT_NAME
    parameter of blt_add_executable
  • Added user option for enforcing specific versions of autoformatters - the new options are
  • Added HEADERS to blt_add_executable. This is important for build system dependency tracking
    and IDE folder support.
  • Added support for formatting Python code using YAPF.
  • Added new blt_import_library macro that creates a real CMake target for imported libraries,
    intended to be used instead of blt_register_library whenever possible
  • Added new blt_patch_target macro to simplify modifying properties of an existing CMake target.
    This macro accounts for known differences in compilers, target types, and CMake releases.
  • Added support for formatting CMake code using cmake-format.
  • Added an EXPORTABLE option to blt_import_library that allows imported libraries to be
    added to an export set and installed.
  • Added FRUIT's MPI parallel unit test reporting to BLT's internal copy of FRUIT
  • CUDA device links for object libraries can be enabled with the existing CUDA_RESOLVE_DEVICE_SYMBOLS
    target property.


  • MPI Support when using CMake 3.13 and newer: MPI linker flags are now passed
    as single string prefixed by SHELL: to prevent de-duplication of flags
    passed to target_link_options.
  • For HIP-dependent builds, only add HCC include directory if it exists.
  • HIP CMake utilities updated to AMD's latest version
  • Updated add_code_coverage_target to blt_add_code_coverage_target, which now supports
    user-specified source directories
  • Code coverage targets leave LCOV-generated files intact for later use; these files will
    still be removed by make clean


  • ClangFormat checks now support multiple Python executable names
  • Prefixed blt_register_library() internal variables with _ to avoid collision
    with input parameters.
  • Turn off system includes for registered libraries when using the PGI compiler
  • Removed unneeded SYSTEM includes added by googletest that was causing problems
    in PGI builds (BLT was adding them already to the register library calls)
  • Removed variable BLT_CMAKE_CUDA_IMPLICIT_LINK_DIRECTORIES_EXCLUDE, functionality now
    provided for all languages using BLT_CMAKE_IMPLICIT_LINK_DIRECTORIES_EXCLUDE variable
  • ClangQuery was being auto-enabled in cases where no checker directories where defined.
    This caused a crash. blt_add_clang_query_target learned parameter CHECKER_DIRECTORIES
    and blt_add_code_checks learned parameter CLANGQUERY_CHECKER_DIRECTORIES. Both still
  • It is now a fatal error to supply CLANGFORMAT_CFG_FILE plus
    blt_add_code_checks; previously, these combinations were implied to
    be errors in BLT documentation, but BLT would not return an error in
    those cases.
  • blt_patch_target no longer attempts to set system include directories when a target
    has no include directories
  • Header-only libraries now can have dependencies via DEPENDS_ON in blt_add_library
  • Added a workaround for include directories of imported targets on PGI. CMake was
    erroneously marking them as SYSTEM but this is not supported by PGI.
  • Check added to make sure that if HIP is enabled with fortran, the LINKER LANGUAGE
    is not changed back to Fortran.
  • Executables that link to libraries that depend on hip/hip_runtime/cuda/cuda_runtime
    will automatically be linked with the HIP or CUDA (NVCC) linker
  • Patched an issue with the FindHIP macros that added the inclusive scan of specified
    DEFINEs to compile commands
  • Re-added previous OpenMP flag patching logic to maintain compatibility with BLT-registered libraries