@justinbarno justinbarno released this Jan 25, 2019

CCT 1.0.4-M2 Release notes:

  • Completed the implementation of shared interaction between data plots and the map display.

    • Any data point selected on a plot will highlight relevant elements on the map (events/stations) and vice-versa.
    • E.g. clicking an event on the Shape tab will highlight all the station records for that event at the presently selected frequency band in the visible plot.
    • This interaction is context sensitive to the tab actively displaying map data and will attempt to highlight the most relevant information given the particular kind of data you are viewing.
  • Implemented the multiple-waveform display. This feature now allows for clicking any data point on the map or any plot associated with 2-N records and getting a display with a paginated and sorted list of all relevant data.

  • A number of significant performance and stability improvements have been implemented throughout the tool. Most visibly the speed of loading data and running the path correction algorithm should be considerably faster.

  • The map now supports arbitrary user-defined lists of WMS 1.3.0 compliant map tile servers/layers for display on the map. This enables custom map overlays and terrain/overhead imagery/survey data to be displayed for the region you want to calibrate a model for.

  • The map now automatically displays context sensitive information based on which tab you are actively looking at. For example: the Site tab will display relevant stations/events based on which calibration spectra you are looking at.

  • Added an optional layer to the map to display station to event paths in the Path view.

  • Small improvement to the auto-picker to use a slightly more robust SNR calculation given input waveforms with sufficient amounts of noise.

  • Replaced the Plus icon style with a Hexagonal one to improve readability of plots.

  • The numbers displayed on the Path deviation plot point hovers are now the number of events (N) rather than number of waveforms (N*Stations).

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@justinbarno justinbarno released this Nov 14, 2018 · 0 commits to master since this release

Added ability to delete 1..N bands from the parameter table and clear the entire table from a right click context menu
Added support for loading JSON parameterized input and moved the space delimited formats to the 'legacy' category in the file menu.
* See the new schema folder for JsonSchema and example JSON documents!
Added output JSON for measured MWs as part of the standard calibration output files.
New improvements to the Waveform plot to show additional information: SNR thresholds, windowing details, etc.
Map now has its own pop-out window and each tab that can map things shares it.
Most tabs that can display useful map information now do so automatically when they are the active window.
Experimental support for user-defined WMS layers for the map (documentation TBD).
We've add Java 11 support and support for OpenJDK (Hotspot based JVMs only).
General project wide version updates to keep up with fixes and improvements.
Many miscellaneous small bug fixes.

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This is a bugfix and stability release to fix a number of problems identified by the community.

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@justinbarno justinbarno released this Jun 1, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

Removed outdated leaflet-lite.js dependency.
Added a zero intercept line for the path plot and made the inital progress bar for calibration indeterminate.
Generate Evids in YYJJJHHmm (from YYJJJHH) format to maintain compatability with SWFT.
Force UTC everywhere, including on insert into the DB.
Added a little mouse click handler to the load failure progress bar as a shortcut to the error report.
Report the full file path on a failed conversion.
Initial implementation of better error reporting during loads.
Updated the data example in the README to be less ambiguous w.r.t. literals vs. regex captures.
Some spring abstract classes are now deprecated due to default methods; updated.
Bumping up to the GA release of Spring Boot 2.0.2 for bugfixes and improvements.

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@justinbarno justinbarno released this Feb 1, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

  • Updated to Spring Boot RC2.
  • Removed a defunct entry from the header of the GUI.
  • Refactor of the Site plotting to eliminate duplicated legend and standardize symbols/colors per station.
  • Tweaked the logo for differentiation purposes when viewed in Git repos.
  • Simple output for SAC files from Waveforms.
  • Fixed a minor plotting bug where picks are 'bad' in that they don't coincide with the time of the waveform segment.
  • Simple local pass-through services for when you are running in standalone mode to avoid undue serialization.
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Dec 19, 2017
Initial commit.