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@justinbarno justinbarno released this Nov 7, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

CCT 1.0.7

Features and Changes:

  • Basic plotting for Measured Mws spectra and tables + export results as JSON file in File->Export Measured Mws.
  • Added a constraint set configuration panel in Parameter for the velocity model and the model space bounds on Shape (V/B/G) models for advanced users.
  • Updated the input/output formats to include the new configurable fields (see schema folder for updates.)
  • Combined V/B/G Shape plots into one instead.
  • Support loading bands from the Envelope tool in CCT.
  • Changed the Envelope tool to generate evid folder names consistent with the evid used for filenames and headers.
  • Updated notebook to use new REST JSON format for measurements.
  • Slight changes to Site and Measure for more consistent include/exclude painting behavior.
  • Made all plots change their status immediately on include/exclude instead of waiting on refresh.
  • Added ability to remove reference events from Site table.
  • Added ability in Shape and Site to grow/shrink the data on the Y and X axis respectively via a button toggle.
  • Added a toggle for waveform plot pop-up behavior in Window->Waveform Pop-ups; defaults to pop-up the first time and respects focus thereafter.


  • Workaround for the classloading problem introduced by System Classloader ForkJoinPool changes in Java 9+ with Javafx WebKit native JNI loaders.
  • Cleaned up some map plotting problems related to include and exclude.
  • Small offset fix to account for waveform plots where the origin is very close to the begin time.
  • Remove dependency on BoringSSL for use on Java 9+
  • Fixed some web client serialization errors related to tiling from abritrary WMS sources.
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