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@cyrush cyrush released this Nov 4, 2016 · 330 commits to master since this release

0.2.0 Release Highlights


  • Changes to clarify concepts in the conduit::Node API
  • Added const access to conduit::Node's children and a new NodeConstIterator
  • Added support for building on Windows
  • Added more Python, C, and Fortran API support
  • Resolved several bugs across libraries
  • Resolved compiler warnings and memory leaks
  • Improved unit test coverage
  • Renamed source and header files for clarity and to avoid potential conflicts with other projects


  • Added verify support for the mcarray and mesh protocols
  • Added functions that create examples instances of mcarrays and meshes
  • Added memory layout transform helpers for mcarrays
  • Added a helper that creates a mesh blueprint index from a valid mesh


  • Added extensive HDF5 I/O support for reading and writing between HDF5 files and conduit Node trees
  • Changed I/O protocol string names for clarity
  • Refactored the relay::WebServer and the Conduit Node Viewer application
  • Added entangle, a python script ssh tunneling solution
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