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@cyrush cyrush released this 09 Feb 02:49
· 376 commits to develop since this release

0.7.0 Release Highlights

(adapted from Conduit's Changelog)



  • Conduit now requires C++11 support.
  • Python Node repr string construction now uses Node.to_summary_string()


  • CMake: Added extra check for include dir vs fully resolved hdf5 path.


  • Added a builtin sandboxed header-only version of fmt. The namespace and directory paths were changed to conduit_fmt to avoid potential symbol collisions with other codes using fmt. Downstream software can use by including conduit_fmt/conduit_fmt.h.
  • Added support for using C++11 initializer lists to set Node and DataArray values from numeric arrays. See C++ tutorial docs ( for more details.
  • Added a Node::describe() method. This method creates a new node that mirrors the current Node, however each leaf is replaced by summary stats and a truncated display of the values. For use cases with large leaves, printing the describe() output Node is much more helpful for debugging and understanding vs wall of text from other to_string() methods.
  • Added conduit::utils::format methods. These methods use fmt to format strings that include fmt style patterns. The formatting arguments are passed as a conduit::Node tree. The args case allows named arguments (args passed as object) or ordered args (args passed as list). The maps case also supports named or ordered args and works in conjunction with a map_index. The map_index is used to fetch a value from an array, or list of strings, which is then passed to fmt. The maps style of indexed indirection supports generating path strings for non-trivial domain partition mappings in Blueprint. This functionality is also available in Python, via the conduit.utils.format method.
  • Added DataArray::fill method, which set all elements of a DataArray to a given value.
  • Added Node::to_summary_string methods, which allow you to create truncated strings that describe a node tree, control the max number of children and max number of elements shown.
  • Added python support for Node.to_summary_string


  • Added Relay IO Handle mode support for a (append) and t (truncate). Truncate allows you to overwrite files when the handle is opened. The default is append, which preserves prior IO Handle behavior.
  • Added conduit::relay::io::blueprint::save_mesh variants, these overwrite existing files (providing relay save semantics) instead of adding mesh data to existing files. We recommend using save_mesh for most uses cases, b/c in many cases write_mesh to an existing HDF5 file set can fail due to conflicts with the current HDF5 tree.
  • Added conduit::relay::io::blueprint::load_mesh variants, these reset the passed node before reading mesh data (providing relay load semantics). We recommend using load_mesh for most uses cases.
  • Added truncate option to conduit::relay::io::blueprint::write_mesh, this is used by save_mesh.
  • Improve capture and reporting of I/O errors in conduit::relay::[mpi::]io::blueprint::{save_mesh|write_mesh}. Now in the MPI case, If any rank fails to open or write to a file all ranks will throw an exception.
  • Added yaml detection support to conduit::relay::io:identify_file_type.


  • Added conduit::blueprint::mesh::matset::to_silo() which converts a valid blueprint matset to a node that contains arrays that follow Silo's sparse mix slot volume fraction representation.
  • Added conduit::blueprint::mesh::field::to_silo() which converts a valid blueprint field and matset to a node that contains arrays that follow Silo's sparse mix slot volume fraction representation.
  • Added material_map to conduit::blueprint::mesh:matset::index, to provide an explicit material name to id mapping.
  • Added mat_check field to blueprint::mesh::examples::venn. This field encodes the material info in a scalar field and in the matset_values in a way that can be used to easily compare and verify proper construction in other tools.



  • Fixed bug in the Relay IOHandle Basic that would create unnecessary "_json" schema files to be written to disk upon open().



  • Removed Node::fetch_child and Schema::fetch_child methods for v0.7.0. (Deprecated in v0.6.0 -- prefer fetch_existing)
  • Removed Schema::to_json method variants with detailed for v0.7.0. (Deprecated in v0.6.0 -- prefer standard to_json)
  • Removed Schema::save method variant with detailed for v0.7.0. (Deprecated in v0.6.0 -- prefer standard save)
  • The master branch was removed from GitHub (Deprecated in v0.6.0 -- replaced by the develop branch)


  • Removed conduit::relay::io_blueprint::save methods for v0.7.0. (Deprecated in v0.6.0 -- prefer conduit::relay::io::blueprint::save_mesh)