Parallel solvers for sparse linear systems featuring multigrid methods. This repository houses releases and test releases. Pull requests can still be addressed. LLNL users should use the main repository on MyBitbucket.
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HYPRE is a library of high performance preconditioners and solvers featuring
multigrid methods for the solution of large, sparse linear systems of equations
on massively parallel computers.

Legal stuff (copyright, disclaimer, licensing restrictions, etc.) can be found
in the file 'COPYRIGHT_and_DISCLAIMER'.

To install HYPRE, please see the Users Manual or the file 'INSTALL'.

The HYPRE Users Manual and Reference Manual can be found in the 'docs' directory
of this release, and also via the `Software' link on the HYPRE home page.

An overview of the HYPRE release history can be found in the file 'CHANGELOG'.

To subscribe to the mailing list "New Release Announcements (hypre-announce)",
use the 'Mailing Lists' link on the HYPRE home page.

We appreciate feedback from users of this package.  Please submit comments,
suggestions, and issue reports to

HYPRE is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (as published by the Free
Software Foundation) version 2.1 dated February 1999.