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1.2 Release

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@doutriaux1 doutriaux1 released this 24 Mar 15:39
· 11 commits to stable since this release

1.2 Release


This release is fully backward compatible but introduces new concepts.
Operators are introduced allowing the composition of features from one or many sources.
Feature selection without extraction is now possible via the new execution graphs introduced in this release.
Execution graphs are the recommended way to use Kosh going forward, as reflected in the updated notebooks.

New in this release

  • Operators: Compose multiple features (and their transformers).
  • Execution graph concept (select and compose features before executing).
  • New Conduit's Sidre Mesh Blueprint field loader.

Deprecation Warning

  • In future versions (not 1.2) the search functions will return a generator (they are currently returning a list). In this version a warning is issued when you use the search function.


  • Multiple speed/caching optimizations.
  • A cleanup function helps you clean your store from files that no longer exist.
  • Cleaned up tables in documentation.
  • Transformers get a parent attribute, allowing you to access its caller in the transform function.

Bug fixes

  • In some case where a feature was available from the loader but not listed, Kosh would let the user access it. With this bug fix, the loader's list_features must be fixed first in order to access the feature. This bug affected groups in HDF5 files. Groups were not listed but still accessible, HDF5 loader now lists groups as actual features.
  • If a loader needed matplotlib and no X connection was available the import of matplotlib.pyplot would lead to an uncatchable error. We now check for a valid backend first (via environment's DISPLAY variable).