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For LBANN coding style we are going to use one that is based on the standard C++ libraries and Boost projects.
* overriding style is lowercase separated with underbar
* member fields: m_*
* function names, class names: lowercase with underbar
* templated types: start with uppercase (camel case after that e.g. DataType)
* derived typedef types: typedef DataType::value_type value_type
* 2 space, no tabs
* comments:
* doxygen:
* /// single line comment
* /** multi-line comment */
* @todo - TODO note
* inside of a function use //
* outside use a doxygen comment
* minimize blocks of // or /* */ comments that are not picked up by doxygen
* If you have a complicated function or algorithm, either explain it in a doxygen comment or cite an appropriate reference
* if the implementation details or meta-parameters are derived from another opensource ML toolkit - cite it
* global variable - see above about lowercase with underbar