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@bvanessen bvanessen released this 29 Sep 23:13
· 211 commits to master since this release

============================== Release Notes: v0.101 ==============================

Support for new network structures:

  • ATOM VAE model
  • Graph neural networks
  • Graph Convolutional Networks (GCN)
  • 3D U-Net Model

Support for new layers:

  • Implemented optimized GRU layer using cuDNN kernel
  • Graph Layers: GCN, GIN, Graph, GatedGraph

Python front-end:

  • Support for Graph and Graph Convolutional Networks
  • Added support for OCLF data center (Summit)

Performance optimizations:

  • Optimize CUDA kernel for tensor reordering in GRU layer
  • Enabled TensorCore optimization for GRU layer
  • GCN and Graph layers also have a faster Dense variant which only utilizes Matrix Multiplication

Model portability & usability:

  • Added Users Quickstart section to documentation including PyTorch
    to LBANN mini-tutorial
  • Added section on callbacks with detailed instructions on summarize
    images callback

Internal features:

  • Support for double data type in distributed embedding layer
  • Support for large number of channels in GPU batchnorm layer
  • Modified LTFB so that NaNs lose tournaments
  • Improved numerical stability of reconstruction loss in ATOM VAE
  • Skip bad gradients in Adam

I/O & data readers:

  • Added support for ImageNet data reader to use sample lists
  • Refactored sample list code to be more flexible and generalize
    beyond JAG data reader
  • Added support for slab-based I/O in HDF5 data reader required by
    DistConv implementations of CosmoFlow 3D volumes
  • Extended slab-based HDF5 data reader to support labels and
    reconstruction modes for use with U-Net architecture


  • Added two graph datasets (MNIST, and PROTEINS)

Build system and Dependent Libraries:

  • Hydrogen 1.4.0
  • Aluminum 0.4.0
  • Spack v0.15.4+ (Requires new format for environments)
  • cuDNN 8.0.2
  • Require C++14
  • Added Spack build support for OCLF data center (Summit)

Bug fixes:

  • Properly reset data coordinator after each LTFB round
  • Fixed bug in weights proxy when weights buffer is reallocated
  • Bugfix for smiles data reader bound checking and simple LTFB data
  • Eliminated a race condition observed in VAE ATOM model with SMILES
    data reader. Added a barrier after each data store mini-batch
    exchange -- avoid race between non-blocking sends and receives and
    later GPU kernel communication.