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The Lustre Monitoring Tool is divided into three parts.

The lmt-server-agent package contains Cerebro metric plugins that run on Lustre servers. Their job is to read Lustre /proc values and push the data into the Cerebro monitoring network.

The lmt-server package contains a Cerebro monitor plugin that pulls data from the Crebro monitoring network, and pushes it into the MySQL database. It also contains the ltop client and other utilities for administering LMT.

The lmt-gui package contains the GUI (lwatch) and text (lstat) cilents. These programs speak only MySQL API and can display data from multiple lmt-server instances.

Generally people configure one MySQL database per "Lustre cluster", where each Lustre cluster has one or more file systems participating in the same Cerebro monitoring network. Although it is possible to have a site-wide MySQL database for all Lustre file systems, this is not commonly done.