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Announcement Nov. 2, 2010

LMT Version 3 of the Lustre Monitoring Tool (LMT) is now available.

This is a major release that hopefully will improve LMT usability. It has been tested with Lustre 1.8.3. A few highlights:

  • New ltop that works directly with Cerebro and has an expanded display.
  • Auto-configuration of MySQL database (lustre config is determied on the fly)
  • Improved error handling and logging (configurable)
  • New config file
  • Code improvements for maintainability

For those upgrading from Version 2, the LMT schema has not changed, and the new monitor module is backwards compatible with the Version 2 metric modules. Upgrading consists of:

  • Setting up the new /etc/lmt/lmt.conf config file on the LMT server
  • Updating the lmt-server package on the LMT server and restarting cerebrod
  • Updating the lmt-server-agent package on the Lustre servers and restarting cerebrod

Please refer to the Installation wiki page on the above gcode site, and direct any issues to lmt-discuss@googlegroups.com and/or the LMT gcode issue tracker.

Jim Garlick

LMT3 slides

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