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@FrankD412 FrankD412 released this
· 166 commits to develop since this release
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This patch release covers a critical bugfix that caused a regression in the ability to use variables and parameters in the scheduling parameters for a study step as well as makes the Specification class more easily inherited. This release also includes some improved documentation for parameters and parameter generation.

Other changes include the inclusion of the long description in the file to allow PyPi to render the markdown readme.

Inheritable validation and spec module (#280) [6edda08] -- authored by Benjamin Bay
Modified validation logic to skip over variable tokens. (#279) [5ca2b29] -- authored by Benjamin Bay
Updated the docs release version to 1.1.7 (#278) [3795de0] -- authored by jsemler
Replace unicode quote with ascii quote (#277) [f7e5b5b] -- authored by Jeremy White
Pgen docs (#275) [2998cc4] -- authored by Jeremy White
Addition of README as long description. (#269) [4d65e76] -- authored by Francesco Di Natale