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[1.2.0] 2020-01-23


  •, for CI checking that the merlin version is incremented
    before changes are merged into master.
  • Allow for the maestro $(LAUNCHER) syntax in tasks, this requires the
    nodes and procs variables in the task just as in maestro. The LAUNCHER keyword
    is implmented for flux, lsf, slurm and local types. The lsf type
    will use the LLNL srun wrapper for jsrun when the lsf-srun batch type
    is used. The flux version will be checked to determine the proper format
    of the parallel launch call.
  • Local CLI tests for the above $(LAUNCHER) feature.
  • machines keyword, in the merlin.resources.workers.<name> section. This allows
    the user to assign workers (and thence, steps) to a given machine.
    All of the machines must have access to the OUTPUT_PATH, The
    steps list is mandatory for all workers. Once the machines are added, then only
    the workers for the given set of steps on the specific machine will start. The
    workers must be individually started on all of the listed machines separately by
    the user (merlin run-workers).
  • New step field restart. This command runs when merlin receives a
    $(MERLIN_RESTART) exception. If no restart field is found, the cmd
    command re-runs instead.


  • A bug in the flux_test example workflow.


  • Improved the fix-style dev Makefile target.
  • Improved the version dev Makefile target.
  • Updated travis logic.
  • MERLIN_RESTART (which re-ran the cmd of a step) has been renamed to MERLIN_RETRY.