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@ben-bay ben-bay released this



  • The ability to override any value of the celery configuration thru app.yaml in celery.override.
  • Support and faq entry for pgen with merlin run --pgen and optional --parg.
  • Documentation on level_max_dirs.
  • Easier-to-read provenance specs.
  • Documentation on the new 3 types of provenance spec.


  • Flux test example data collection for new versions of flux.
  • Fixed Docker ubuntu version.
  • Removed expansion of env variables in shell sections (cmd and restart) of provenance
    specs. This allows the shell command itself to expand environment variables, and gives
    users greater flexibility.
  • Allowed environment variables to be properly expanded in study
  • Tilde (~) now properly expands as part of a path in non-shell sections.
  • The rediss cert_reqs keyword was changed to ssl_cert_reqs.


  • Updated tutorial redis version to 6.0.5.