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@AlexanderWinterLLNL AlexanderWinterLLNL released this 06 Jul 18:11
· 109 commits to main since this release


  • retry_delay field in a step to specify a countdown in seconds prior to running a
    restart or retry.
  • New merlin example restart_delay that demonstrates usage of this feature.
  • Condition failure reporting, to give greater insight into what caused test failure.
  • New fields in config file: celery.omit_queue_tag and celery.queue_tag, for
    users who wish to have complete control over their queue names. This is a feature
    of the task priority change.


  • feature_demo now uses merlin-spellbook instead of its own scripts.
  • Removed the --mpi=none srun default launch argument. This can be added by
    setting the launch_args argument in the batch section in the spec.
  • Merlin CI is now handled by Github Actions.
  • Certain tests and source code have been refactored to abide by Flake8 conventions.
  • Reorganized the tests module. Made unit dir alongside integration dir. Decomposed into 3 files with distinct responsibilities. Renamed Condition classes.
    Grouped cli tests by sub-category for easier developer interpretation.
  • Lowered the command line test log level to "ERROR" to reduce spam in --verbose mode.
  • Now prioritizing workflow tasks over task-expansion tasks, enabling improved
    scalability and server stability.
  • Flake8 examination slightly modified for more generous cyclomatic complexity.
    • Certain tests and source code have been refactored to abide by Flake8 conventions.
  • walltime can be specified in any of hours:minutes:seconds, minutes:seconds or
    seconds format and will be correctly translated for the right batch system syntax


  • For Celery calls, explictly wrapped queue string in quotes for robustness. This fixes
    a bug that occurred on tsch but not bash in which square brackets in the queue name were
    misinterpreted and caused the command to break.