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Topology Aware Task Mapping Tool
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Rubik generates mapping files for torus and mesh networks according to structured transformations of blocks within the ranks.


  Todd Gamblin


  Abhinav Bhatele
  Martin Schulz

To learn more about Rubik, you might be interested in the Source Code for Rubik on GitHub.

Running Rubik Scripts

To use rubik, either add the <distribution>/rubik directory to your PYTHONPATH, or just be sure to run scripts in the root directory. A proper and installation process is forthcoming.


To generate map files with Rubik, you will need an installation of numpy. To visualize Rubik partitions, you will need PySide (python Qt bindings) and OpenGL for Python. To build the documentation you will need sphinx.

You can install all this relatively easily on a mac through MacPorts:

port install py27-numpy py27-pyside py27-sphinx py27-opengl
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