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Serac is a high order nonlinear thermomechanical simulation code
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Documentation Status License

Serac is a 3D implicit nonlinear thermal-structural simulation code. It's primary purpose is to investigate multiphysics abstraction strategies and implicit finite element-based alogrithm development for emerging computing architectures. It also serves as a proxy-app for LLNL's DIABLO and ALE3D codes.


Build, run, and design documentation can be found at readthedocs.


We welcome all kinds of contributions: new features, bug fixes, documentation edits.

For more information, see the contributing guide.


Copyright (c) 2019-2020, Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC. Produced at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Copyrights and patents in the Serac project are retained by contributors. No copyright assignment is required to contribute to Serac.

See LICENSE for details.

Unlimited Open Source - BSD 3-clause Distribution

SPDX usage

Individual files contain SPDX tags instead of the full license text. This enables machine processing of license information based on the SPDX License Identifiers that are available here:

Files that are licensed as BSD 3-Clause contain the following text in the license header:

SPDX-License-Identifier: (BSD-3-Clause)

External Packages

Serac bundles some of its external dependencies in its repository. These packages are covered by various permissive licenses. A summary listing follows. See the license included with each package for full details.

PackageName: BLT
PackageLicenseDeclared: BSD-3-Clause

PackageName: uberenv
PackageLicenseDeclared: BSD-3-Clause

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