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Fast space filling designs for simplexes
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simplexdesign is a small collection of tools for the design of statistical experiments on Agent Based Models. It includes a coordinate exchange algorithm for homogeneous agents, and more generally any simplex. There is also an optimization algorithm for the case with multiple classes of homogeneous agents. See our paper "Uncertainty Quantification for Models of Homogeneous Agents" for more details when it is published.

Getting Started

simplexdesign can be downloaded and installed inside of RStudio by using the devtools package. If you do not have the devtools package run:


once devtools is installed, run:

library(devtools) install_github("LLNL/simplexdesign")


Documentation is included in the package. It can be viewed in RStudio with the command: help(simplexdesign)


Just send us a pull request.


simplexdesign was developed by Kevin Quinlan,


simplexdesign is distributed under the terms of the MIT license

See LICENSE, and NOTICE for details.

SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

LLNL-CODE-796317 Title: Simplexdesign (Simplex Design for Stochastic Simulations and Agent Based Models) , Version: 0.1.0 Author(s) Kevin R. Quinlan, James R. Leek,

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