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SUNDIALS minor release v5.1.0

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Changes to SUNDIALS in release 5.1.0

Fixed a build system bug related to finding LAPACK/BLAS.

Fixed a build system bug related to checking if the KLU library works.

Fixed a build system bug related to finding PETSc when using the CMake

Added a new build system option, CUDA_ARCH, to specify the CUDA architecture to compile for.

Fixed a bug in the Fortran 2003 interfaces to the ARKode Butcher table routines and structure.
This includes changing the ARKodeButcherTable type to be a type(c_ptr) in Fortran.

Added two utility functions, SUNDIALSFileOpen and SUNDIALSFileClose for creating/destroying
file pointers. These are useful when using the Fortran 2003 interfaces.

Added support for a user-supplied function to update the prediction for each
implicit stage solution in ARKStep. If supplied, this routine will be called
after any existing ARKStep predictor algorithm completes, so that the
predictor may be modified by the user as desired. The new user-supplied routine
has type ARKStepStagePredictFn, and may be set by calling ARKStepSetStagePredictFn.

The MRIStep module has been updated to support attaching different user data
pointers to the inner and outer integrators. If applicable, user codes will
need to add a call to ARKStepSetUserData to attach their user data
pointer to the inner integrator memory as MRIStepSetUserData will
not set the pointer for both the inner and outer integrators. The MRIStep
examples have been updated to reflect this change.

Added support for damping when using Anderson acceleration in KINSOL. See the
mathematical considerations section of the user guide and the description of the
KINSetDampingAA function for more details.

Added support for damping to the SUNNonlinearSolver_FixedPoint module when
using Anderson acceleration. See the SUNNonlinearSolver_FixedPoint section in
the user guides and the description of the SUNNonlinSolSetDamping_FixedPoint
function for more details.