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  • Add docs for NVIDIA port
  • Add units to tabular and JSON output formats
  • Rename dump and print internal functions to print and print_verbose,
  • Standardize sphinx docs with rstfmt python package
  • Update variorum system design figure in docs
  • Speed up travis builds with parallel make
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  • Add support for ARM Juno architecture
  • Add top-level API to query available frequencies, add support for Intel and ARM
  • Add JANSSON-C dependency
  • Introduce JSON API to return monitoring data into a structure
  • Update variorum to build and run with both msr-safe < v1.5 (msr_whitelist)
    msr-safe >= v1.5 (msr_allowlist)
  • Add best effort node power cap support for Intel Broadwell and IBM
  • Build option to enable all warnings, cleanup compiler warnings
  • Default build type switched from Release to RelWithDebInfo
  • Consistent formatting for verbose printouts across architectures
  • Update year in license headers
  • Update docs throughout: JSON API, best effort power cap, architectures
    supported, add sample output to examples
  • Rename set functions to cap throughout top-level API (and internally in
    architecture-level functions) to clarify that the setting is an upper bound;
    instantaneous reads on these metrics may be at or below the value
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  • Setup unit test infrastructure, test on gitlab to leverage msr-safe and OPAL
  • Update return code for top-level variorum APIs from -1 to 0, enables us to run unit tests on any architecture
  • Fix poll_power and monitoring segfaults
  • Start adding python utilities to verify system environments (i.e. msr-safe, OPAL)
  • Rename variorum_set_topology to variorum_get_topology
  • Rename variorum examples
  • Add example integrations with cmake/make-build systems and c/cpp/fortran codes, use these in CI workflow to test install
  • Use spack mirrors in CI workflow to avoid failed fetch commands
  • New mailing lists: variorum-users and variorum-maintainers
  • Nvidia port: use node topology to map GPU to sockets
  • Fix for building variorum as static library
  • Add source code (c/cpp/h/python) format check to CI workflow
  • Add Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct
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  • Add support for Nvidia platform -- Volta architecture
  • Add ECP 2020 tutorial presentation
  • Prefix front-facing APIs with variorum_
  • Bug fix for computing power usage values
  • On Intel platforms, translate both power limit time windows (not just TW1)
  • Fix hwloc topology mapping (use logical indices, not OS)
  • Integrate Travis and GitLab for CI
  • Modify IBM powmon formatting into columns
  • Update license year for 2020
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  • Initial release to!
  • Includes support for Intel platform -- Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake, and Kaby Lake architectures
  • Includes support for IBM platform -- Power9 architecture
  • Add powmon command line sample for monitoring performance counters during application execution
  • Initial RTD at
  • Rename libvariorum to variorum
  • Bug fix for computing power from energy on Intel
  • Add developer docs for supporting new platforms
  • Add info on IBM sensors, OCC, and power shifting ratio
  • Rename front-facing APIs from print_*() to print_verbose_*() and dump_*() to print_*()