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LMAX Collections

A High Performance Collections Library


Coalescing Ring Buffer: [Nick Zeeb] (https://github.com/nickzeeb)

What is it?

Please see http://nickzeeb.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/the-coalescing-ring-buffer/ for an introduction



1.0.0 Released (7-Mar-2013)

  • Initial release containing the Coalescing Ring Buffer

1.1.0 Released (16-Jun-2013)

  • Coalescing Ring Buffer improvements:
    • 4% performance improvement by using lazy sets where possible
    • constructor now rounds up capacity to the nearest higher power of two instead of throwing an exception
    • nextRead index has been renamed firstWrite for clarity

1.1.3 Released (7-Nov-2014)

1.1.4 Released (5-Jul-2017)

  • Coalescing Ring Buffer improvements:
    • Null out entries in the ring buffer once consumed