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Links to blog posts and articles covering the Disruptor

How the Disruptor works and how to use it

What's so special about a ring buffer? - A summary by Trisha of the data structure at the heart of the Disruptor patter, how it's implemented and what's so great about it.

How do I read from a ring buffer? - Trisha gives an overview of the Consumer and ConsumerBarrier, which allows you to read stuff off the ring buffer.

Writing to the ring buffer - The third piece from Trisha explaining how to write to the ring buffer, and how it avoids wrapping.

Lock-free publishing - Danny outlines the concepts behind putting items into the ring buffer.

DSL for wiring up the Disruptor - Adrian came up with a cunning way to configure your Disruptor

Disruptor wizard now part of the Disruptor - Adrian's wizard now makes it easy to configure your very own Disruptor straight out of the box

Disruptor version 2.0 - Trisha outlines the cosmetic changes to the Disruptor in version 2.0.

Sharing Data Among Threads Without Contention - An updated and summarised version of Trisha's blogs in Oracle's Java Magazine.

Why the Disruptor is so fast

Locks Are Bad - Trisha gives some basic concurrency background and explains why locks are evil.

Magic cache line padding - An explanation around why the odd cache line padding variables are required, by Trisha.

Demystifying Memory Barriers - Trisha attempts to explain why memory barriers are important in the Disruptor.

What some other people have written about the Disruptor

LMAX Architecture by Martin Fowler.

Processing 1m TPS with the Axon Framework using the Disruptor.

Interview on the Disributed Podcast about LMAX and the Disruptor

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