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L-Functions and Modular Forms Database
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This is the code for the L-functions and modular forms database website.





  1. Each mathematical object should have its own home page. Home pages summarize basic invariants at the top, progressing to more advanced information at the bottom, with mathematical terms defined by knowls. The right hand side of each home page should include a properties box that summarizes key invariants, links to completeness, source, and reliability knowls, and when applicable, a list of related objects.
  2. Each home page should have a mathematically meaningful, permanent URL.
  3. Each mathematical object should be given a label that is mathematically meaningful, and to the extent possible, human-readable and concise. The translation between an object's label and its URL should be relatively straightforward.
  4. Each home page should list the names of the entities responsible for producing the data on that page.
  5. Each class of objects has a browse-and-search page, which has browsing options in the upper portion of the page, and a search form below. It should be possible to browse to the home page of an object without having detailed knowledge about the underlying mathematics. The search form should be (at least partially) visible in a browser without scrolling the browse-and-search page.
  6. Home pages and browse-and-search pages should address the needs of both experts and non-experts in the subject, in order to ensure that the pages are useful to a broad mathematical audience.
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