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Toolbar vertical real-estate enhancement #387

tresf opened this Issue Feb 27, 2014 · 11 comments

9 participants

tresf commented Feb 27, 2014

A proposal for the toolbar to reclaim some unused screen real-estate.


Left aligned tool menu items:
Make the file and project toolbar buttons a single row that is capable of overflowing into a second row if needed.

Right aligned tool menu items:
Make the remaining components a single row that is capable of overflowing into a second row if needed.
1. All time-related items in a single row (BPM, time sig, clock)
2. Master volume/master pitch rotated horiz (single row height)
3. Optionally consolidate min/sec/millisec into a single "clock"
4. Visualization shorter (single row height)
5. CPU vertical, shorter (single row height)

File menu hidden
All menu items consolidated into a single quick-access menu. This is no less clicks than the current menu and finds a better place for single-item menus such as LADSPA or Settings. Most items already have dedicated toolbar buttons, encourages their usage. Chrome menu button used only as example.

The big picture:
All changes combined into a single mock-up. Notice the master volume is frozen to the top right, for quick accessibility.

Additional Notes

I would personally recommend removing the CPU and visualization from the default view and instead offer these as FX visualization plugins. Alternately, a basic CPU/MEM indicator might be a good alternative.



Goodness yes. More vertical real estate, please! Narrower tracks would be useful as well.


+1 ((btw: loving to see the amazing team work of all you guys in the past months!!! you're doing a great job!!! Big Ups!!! Thousand thanks, love and hugs to all of you <3 <3 <3))

diizy commented Feb 27, 2014

This is very similar to a mock-up I made earlier...

I think if this is done, the whole scope thing gets pretty useless so it can probably be removed entirely and instead be implemented as a separate window. Maybe add a scope mode in spectrum analyzer.

Sti2nd commented Feb 27, 2014

And maybe someone is willing to update the scope to stereo scope 🌻

LMMS member
tobydox commented Feb 27, 2014

FYI: the current scope is stereo already :-)


how will this look in 4:3?
i have to say that i like a left aligned toggle-group
At least release a RC (for look feel tests) before commiting to this design in 1.0

diizy commented Feb 28, 2014
Sti2nd commented Feb 28, 2014

I mean SURROUND scope

tresf commented Feb 28, 2014

how will this look in 4:3?

This depends on the pixel width of the 4:3 screen, but assuming the proposal is used, the items would overflow into a second line (in the case of the buttons, I would advise overflowing half (6 buttons), but that is highly dependent on the flow layout used) as described here:

Make the file and project toolbar buttons a single row that is capable of overflowing into a second row if needed.


tresf commented Mar 4, 2014

I spent some time looking into the overflow capabilities in QT in terms of the toolbar and they look quite involved compared to some other layout managers I've used since QT seems to lack a layout manager that does automatic overflow.

What I did discover was a QT sample FlowLayout that allows this automatic "overflowing": Not sure if it's the right approach, but i wanted to offer it for reference from the qt docs:

I would assume this layout manager could help in quite a few areas that have naturally forced minimum-width constraints due to child elements (i.e. toolbars); particularly helping with the increasing minimum width of the Piano Roll.

Sample Screenshot:


FlowLayout Example:

FlowLayout Source Code:

Files for reference:



diizy commented Mar 4, 2014
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