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SF2 Mute/Unmute Bug #69

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Not sure if this is worth diving into for 0.4.14, but there's a long standing SF2 bug that occurs when you mute and then unmute a SF2 track causing all 100+ notes to play at the same time.

  1. Add SF2 to new project
  2. Add many notes to piano roll
  3. Play track with SF2 muted
  4. Unmute while track is playing

When turning a SF2 track on/off this makes an awful sound.

dagon: I can confirm this behaviour. Pretty nasty actually.

andre silva: I can confirm this as well. It's not ultra-jarring, specially seeing as the sound mostly lasts for around 1/3 of a second, and that muting-unmuting isn't too common, but it's still considerably loud and rough.

stephane thomas: I also confirm. LMMS git master branch.

stian jorgensrud: Hate it, blow my ears up

@tobydox tobydox closed this issue from a commit
@tobydox tobydox Instrument: also render sound for MIDI-based instruments when muted
In order to provide smooth muting functionality (i.e. immediate proper
sound when unmuting) always render audio buffers for MIDI-based
instruments. This is more important than potentially reduced CPU usage
while muted.

Closes #69.
@tobydox tobydox closed this in 2dc0200
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