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@tobydox tobydox released this Apr 30, 2014 · 2562 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed minor bug in FLP import plugin
  • Fixed effect gating so less reverb gets cut off per default
  • Improved the shutdown of VST plugins
  • Various code changes for better Clang and OS X compatibility (no functional impact)
  • Corrected drag'n'drop behavior in SongEditor
  • Fixed AutomatableModel to always keep value from linked model in own range
  • Fixed crash in AutomationEditor
  • Reset last note volume/panning in PianoRoll when clearing project
  • Fixed crash in AudioFileProcessor when automating/controlling start and end frame knobs
  • Fixed crash in ZynAddSubFX when loading certain presets
  • More OS X build related changes
  • Added compatibility with Qt versions < 4.8
  • Fixed various crashes when closing LADSPA plugins
  • Added Portuguese translation
  • Updated Russian translation


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