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fix(lnd): start neutrino process as early as possible

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mrfelton committed Apr 19, 2019
1 parent 5c50a46 commit 4cdc9638b33f1f67b02e2f5dfa7ce5d1aa3f802c
Showing with 6 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +6 −9 services/neutrino/neutrino.js
@@ -85,15 +85,12 @@ class Neutrino extends EventEmitter {
// The height returned from the LND log output may not be the actual current block height (this is the case
// when BTCD is still in the middle of syncing the blockchain) so try to fetch thhe current height from from
// some block explorers so that we have a good starting point.
try {
const blockHeight = await fetchBlockHeight(this.lndConfig.chain,
} catch (err) {
mainLog.warn(`Unable to fetch block height: ${err.message}`)
.then(blockHeight => this.setCurrentBlockHeight(blockHeight))
.catch(err => mainLog.warn(`Unable to fetch block height: ${err.message}`))

const listen = await getLndListen('p2p')
const restlisten = await getLndListen('rest')
// Get available ports.
const [listen, restlisten] = await Promise.all([getLndListen('p2p'), getLndListen('rest')])'Starting lnd in neutrino mode with config: %o', this.lndConfig)' > binaryPath', this.lndConfig.binaryPath)
@@ -162,8 +159,8 @@ class Neutrino extends EventEmitter {
this.emit(NEUTRINO_EXIT, { code, signal, lastError: this.lastError })

// Listen for when neutrino prints data to stderr.

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