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@mrfelton mrfelton released this Apr 11, 2019 · 19 commits to master since this release

Bug Fixes

  • db: resolve Dexie error on app startup (4dbeccc)
  • deps: update lnd to v0.6-beta-rc2-9-g68db46de (4458a24)
  • electron: exit fullscreen before closing (660729a), closes #1893
  • launchpad: fallback wallet name incase host unknown (522fc83)
  • lndconnect: support old style lndconnect links (b4c5d04), closes #1997
  • migrate: delete wallet configs we couldn't migrate (a413201)
  • migrate: properly migrate btcpayserver configs (804b3e9), closes #1901
  • onboarding: typo in wallet unlocker (0af65e3), closes #1995
  • readme: update screenshot of app (e344cbe)
  • settings: edit wallet connection details (859056a), closes #1998
  • tests: update tests (a141dea)
  • ui: fix incorrect next button disabled state (34ed29a), closes #1912
  • ui: hide suggested nodes channel when empty (be9b571), closes #1918
  • ui: incorrect fee in pay summary (1af53a6), closes #1900
  • wallet: filter non wallet dirs and files (c7d3c01), closes #1862
  • wallet: fix bech32 address validation (a204b58), closes #1983
  • wallet: refetch fiat tickers when forms open (82c00bd), closes #1953
  • wallet: retry paying invoice after failure (9cca0ef), closes #1884
  • wallet: update route every time user goes to summary (c1a4fb8)

Performance Improvements

  • do not store network edges in state (6ee7005)
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