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@mrfelton mrfelton released this Oct 3, 2019 · 18 commits to master since this release

Release notes

This is a general bug fix and maintenance release.

Bug Fixes

  • app: disable app downgrade feature (4da6eea)
  • autopay: correctly apply blue theme overrides (aee60db)
  • channels: ensure csv_delay property is defined before returning it (c3d3416), closes #2692
  • deps: update lnd-grpc to v0.3.0-beta.5 (a02bf69)
  • docs: update slack link (#2906) (df2f43f)
  • grpc: propagate errors in case of timeout (f109fb2)
  • onboarding: show recover wallet passphrase form (7ae13a5)
  • scheduler: buggy task replacement and removeAll behaviour (4c41e03)
  • select: correctly update select when underlying field changes (eaf7720)
  • app: ensure app is focused after menu interaction (d40be70)
  • app: ensure autoupdate setting is honoured (0ffa26b)
  • ui: align amount and crypto unit (ef826f3)
  • ui: correct select widget title position (8b285a9), closes #2709
  • ui: disable delete wallet button in loading state (54d3647)
  • ui: increment satoshi amount using up arrow (b7a814b), closes #2679
  • ui: lighten shadows in light theme (90fcc84), closes #2680
  • ui: make sure QR code is centerd perfectly (79cc635), closes #2700
  • wallet: properly validate msat invoices (d181cc6)
  • wallet: ensure timeout is cleared in promiseTimeout (18f1346)


The full list of changes since 0.5.2-beta can be found here:


Verifying the Release

Please refer to our documentation for instructions on how to verify the release.

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