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BTCPay Server

Connect your BTCPay Server to Zap Desktop

This tutorial assumes you already have BTCPay setup and have downloaded the recent Zap Desktop release.

Step 1: Connection type

When you first start Zap it will give you multiple connection options. We'll select "Connect" and click next.


Now we'll be taken to the Connect form where we'll paste our connection details from BTCPay.


Step 2: Obtain BTCPay connection details

Navigate to your "Server settings" where you'll find a QR code where you can scan from your Zap iOS wallet.


Click "See QR Code information by clicking here" and you'll find JSON in this format:

  "configurations": [
      "chainType": "Mainnet",
      "type": "grpc",
      "cryptoCode": "BTC",
      "host": "",
      "port": 443,
      "ssl": true,
      "certificateThumbprint": null,
      "macaroon": "your_special_macaroon"

Step 3: Enter your connection details

You can now paste the details into the text area. If your details aren't formatted correctly Zap will let you know with an error message.


Once you've successfully pasted in your connection details you can click next and Zap will confirm the host you're asking to connect to.


If everything checks out then feel free to click next. After a few seconds you should be taken into your Zap Wallet!

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