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Welcome to Streamly!

Congratulations, you've made it to my project! First things first, take a look at the Playlist Wiki, and click on one of the links to see Streamly in operation.

Now, for learning how to use it yourself, read on...


To add a video to your new playlist, search for the video using the searchbox on top:

  • For standard searching, a box with search results will open. Once you find the video you wish to add, click it.

  • For Quick Search, type your search followed by a backslash \. The top search result will immediately pop in to your playlist. If the first search result isn't what you were looking for, type a backslash \ without any search to add the 2nd result. Backslash again for 3rd result... etc...

  • You may easily search for 'lyric' videos by adding an L to the end of your search (This applies to both standard search and Quick Search).

  • If you have a YouTube playlist that you would like to import, just drag and drop it or paste its URL into the searchbox. (Note: You may use your YouTube playlist/Mix as a radio station, see Streamly Radio below...)

To remove a video from your playlist, click the remove button on the right side of the video within the playlist.

To reorder a video in your playlist, just drag and drop it to where you want it in the playlist.

To combine two or more playlists, paste your second playlist into the search box of your first playlist. (You can drag and drop it in as well)

To clear your playlist, click the Streamly logo in the upper right. (To undo this if you press it accidentally, just hit the back button on your browser)

To skip to a certain video in your playlist, click the play button on the right side of the video in the playlist.

To go forward in the playlist, click the forward button which is to the right of the currently playing video at the bottom of the screen (or hit the right-arrow key on your keyboard, or the default media player keys on your computer).

To go back in the playlist, click the back button which is to the left of the currently playing video at the bottom of the screen (or hit the left-arrow key on your keyboard, or the default media player keys).

To rename your playlist, click the playlist title and type the new name.

To pause video, skip through video, change volume... etc... you may do this just as you normally would in YouTube (if you don't know how to do this, check out this article). Pausing may be done with the spacebar anytime, or the media player keys on your computer.

To repeat the playlist, click the Playlist repeat button in the settings panel.

To specify new videos to be added after the current one, click the "Added videos will play next" button in the settings panel.

To shuffle the playlist, click the Playlist shuffle button in the settings panel.

To un-shuffle the playlist, click the Playlist shuffle button again.

To turn on shuffle repeat, turn on both shuffle and repeat at the same time.

To turn on Streamly Radio, click the Streamly Radio button in the settings panel, or press the r key. This will generate suggestions once a video is loaded (see more below).

If you might've accidentally closed your playlist before saving, check your browser history for the last entry to Streamly. I wouldn't rely on this alone to store your playlists though...

Please, let me know if you have any suggestions by submitting an issue.

Advanced playlist options in-depth

These are located in the settings panel (bottom right).

The Added videos will play next option lets you automatically place new videos in the playlist to play directly after the currently playing one. This is useful if you wish to quickly add a new video that you thought of without having to drag it up from the bottom of the playlist.

The Repeat option lets you repeat your playlist indefinitely. This does not persist with your playlist.

The Shuffle option lets you randomly reorder the videos in your playlist. This does in fact persist with your playlist.

If you wish to revert to your playlist before shuffling, simply click the Shuffle button again (any videos added during your shuffle will be dumped to the end of your pre-shuffled playlist).

Note: You may not revert to your pre-shuffled playlist after you have closed/refreshed the tab of Streamly on which you shuffled. This is because the pre-shuffled playlist is not stored in the playlist URL. (Check your browser history, it may be in there...)

By turning on both Shuffle and Repeat at the same time, Streamly will shuffle your playlist on every repeat. Changes made through this will also persist with the playlist but may likewise be reverted using the method stated above.

Streamly Radio

Streamly Radio is a feature of Streamly which automatically adds suggested videos to the playlist.

In order to use Streamly Radio, click the Streamly Radio icon in the settings panel or press the key "R".

Streamly Radio begins with the video which you are currently viewing and loads the following videos based on suggestions from that video. As you progress through the playlist, you will see one video highlighted in green. This is the one that suggestions are currently being generated from.

If you wish to use a YouTube Mix or Playlist as a radio station (so as not to load all videos at once), all you have to do is check the box for 'Use YouTube Mix/Playlist as Radio' in the Settings menu (gear icon), and drag and drop or paste the YouTube Mix URL.

If you wish to change which video to base from, all you have to do is shut off Streamly Radio, go to the video which you choose as the "base" video, and start Streamly Radio again. You may then go to the end of your playlist and it will generate from the video you chose.

If you don't like the video it has suggested, all you have to do is remove it from the playlist.

Video Highlighting Legend

In the playlist, you may notice some videos are highlighted in the playlist. These signify either an issue with playing the video, or a feature that is using one video over the others. These are their meanings:

A video highlighted in orange is the currently playing video.

A video highlighted in green is the base video for Streamly Radio (see Streamly Radio above).

A video highlighted in red encountered an error when Streamly attempted to play it. This is typically due to the video being removed from YouTube.

All of these highlights only persist (last) for the duration of your browser's tab. They are not added to your playlist.

View Modes

There are two view modes that can be activated for optimal usage of Streamly:

Zen mode

Zen mode is a new feature that lets you view your playlist exclusively without the header on top or the video manipulation panel below. To enable/disable Zen mode, press z.

All normal video features may be operated with the arrow keys and the spacebar (or your computer's media keys) while in Zen mode.

Side-by-side view

Side-by-side view displays the video and playlist right next to each other. This makes the video larger and easier to watch. To enable/disable, press v.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can convert Streamly into a web-app by going to More tools...->Add to Desktop on Chrome and keeping Open as Window checked. You can then shrink this down to a mobile size and enter Zen mode for a simple clean interface for your on-the-fly playlists. (I'm not sure how to do this on other browsers such as Firefox, but if you know the method, please write it here or contact me.)

  • If you have a YouTube video open already and you want to add it to Streamly, just copy its URL (either or the normal and paste it into the Streamly search box. This can be done even easier by clicking the share button below the YouTube video if on, otherwise if you are viewing the video in an embedded frame, just drag and drop the YouTube logo in the bottom right of the video to the open Streamly tab.

  • If you want to save your playlist as a browser bookmark, pause the currently playing video, then bookmark it. The name of the playlist will appear as the title of the bookmark.

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