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Audio recordings of the call on February 17th, 2021
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1. How you transfer 1 of 1 tokens on LN since by definition there's no liquidity?

2. Will moving digital art RGB tokens require escrow channels?
3. Are multi-asset channels something that is possible to use with fungible assets and NFTs? Are they implemented? How do they work?

4. Multi-peer channels and multi-hop payments - how can they work in NFT case (if they can)? 
5. How you deal if somebody lost his token for his art-piece ? How do you issue a new one ?
6. Why try to link real world assets with NFTs ?

1. Could we use RGB tokens as representing the state in a more complex state machine ? A state machine that could be represented by a Directed Graph (allowing cycles), a general petrinet for example.
2. If you lend your bitcoin to some financial institution and then something happens to it, can you use the RGB-bearer right to prove that you are still the holder of bitcoin and get your funds back?

Demo of a command-line MyCitadel node - the wallet's node and command-line interface of it.
Video can be found on the LNP/BP Standards Association YouTube channel
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