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Audio recording of the call on September 8th, 2021
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1. Presentation on 🔥RGB roadmap: a way towards release.
2. Q&A session:
- Will the exchange rate be always RGB-token/BTC or you there will be RGB-token1/RGB-token2?
- I have the impression that MyCitadel wallet is IOS/macOS that true? 
- Do you expect any resistance to current nodes switching to Bifrost? 
- How the main lightning implementations devs received the idea to add Bifrost to their own implementation? 
- Do you recommend the use of rust-lightning? 
- What is the risk of keeping all data on Bifrost instead of locally? Just fees for storage? 
- What would be the incentive to run a Bifrost node? 
- What happens if we do not have capacity to receive data locally are we aren't using Bifrost? Does transaction get rejected?
- How is the data availability ensured with some/many nodes going offline?
- Will MyCitadel beta be back soon? Or do you plan to release the first non beta version along with RGB in the end of the year? 
- What happens if the client-side data is lost (worst case scenario)?  Would it affect any smart contract applications? 
- To come back to the exchange rate rgb-token/BTC vs rgb-token1/rgb-token2, the principle of "coincidence of wants" would point that it would be more efficient and profitable to price anything into the hard money, aka BTC, as you would have more liquidity and that if you want to go from RGB-token1 to RGB-token2, you would have better offers if you do an indirect exchange through BTC.
- What are the limitations of client-side validation?

Video from the call has been uploaded to the LNP/BP Standards Association YouTube channel
Slides can be found here
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