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Audio recordings of the call on February 10th, 2021
10.02.2021 Agenda:

Issues from

1. Properly handle result from 'validate' request to Stash daemon - RGB-WG/rgb-node#132
2. Asset state transition node ID mutability
    - RGB-WG/rgb-node#131
    - Asset transfer validation is ineffective: RGB-WG/rgb-node#130
3. Question about fungible asset known allocations semantics - RGB-WG/rgb-node#134
4. Transfer change allocation not being registered - RGB-WG/rgb-node#129
5. Transaction output duplicated by 'fungible transfer' - RGB-WG/rgb-node#127
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Also we discussed:

Wallet integration

  • RGB derivation paths
  • where to keep the blinding secrets
  • use of descriptor-based invoices
  • invoice updates supporting recurrent payments & donations
  • dedicated tweaked key derivation path
  • wallet integration abstraction layers

Wallet demo

  • what is MyCitadel node and its command-line interface
  • support for taproot
  • support of legacy and novel wallet contracts, BIP identity proposal
  • creation of a single-sig wallet contract
  • detecting UTXOs
  • issuing RGB assets to the wallet-controlled output


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