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Audio recordings of the call on January 20th, 2021
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1. Dev Updates:
- Updates on related projects: rust-bitcoin & rust-miniscript
- Updates on refactoring LNP/BP Core Lib and info on new crates (wallet descriptors, RGB Core, LNP Core, Internet2)
- Moving repositories into project-specific github orgs (RGB-org, Internet2-org)
- v0.3.0 release of LNP/BP Core Lib, RGB Core Lib & RGB Node
- New developments with LNP Core & BOLT-7 by @raj
- Proposed architecture for mobile wallets using RGB+LNP Node
- RGB/LN invoicing protocol: aspects related to mobile payment

2. Pending issues to discuss:

Presentation slides are here
YouTube videos are uploaded to the LNP/BP Standards Association channel

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