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Audio recordings of the call on November 3rd, 2021
1. Introduction and tech dive into Bifrost protocol.
2. Q&A session:
- Are the new LNPBPs already written? 
- Will the number of different channel types become ever a problem - for example, must every node have channels of each types to use them?
-  I've understood that it's going to be released at the end of the year, what is going to be released exactly (sorry if it is said, but i lost the sound sometimes)?
- As a not hard core developer it's difficult to imagine the use cases, could we start a brainstorm with some people what kind of dreams we will accomplish? 
- Are there working examples of some RGB operations over Bifrost? Can i work my way to make some RGB transfers in Bifrost with the code published now? 
- How will nodes be incentivised to store Bifrost data?
- Why is it not possible to keep using a legacy channel with the legacy LN connection when you upgrade the channel to Bifrost ? What makes it impossible to "separate states" between legacy and bifrost transactions?
-  I guess ANYPREVOUT would be very nice for Bifrost? What about other possible bitcoin future softforks?

Presentation slides
YouTube video
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