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Audio recordings of the call on January 13th, 2021
1. 2021 Agenda for LNP/BP Standards Association
- LNP SDK & improvements to RGB SDK; support first wallets & exchanges integrating RGB (SDKs & docs)
- Fundraising to support Association operations
- Completion of LNP/BP standards for RGB & related protocols: official RGB standard release
- Completion of LNP Node to fully support all LN features
- Bifrost protocol for public RGB infrastructure & decentralized exchange over LN
- Further development of Internet2 libraries; support of software using Internet2 tech stack
- BP Node: indexing node for bitcoin blockchain replacing need in Electrum
- Initial work on implementation of Lightspeed, Storm & Prometheus protocols

2. Presentation
- LNP/BP Core Lib BP module

3. Discussion
- Updates on related projects: rust-bitcoin & rust-miniscript
- Advanced descriptors with BP module of LNP/BP Core Lib
- Proposed architecture for mobile wallets using RGB+LNP Node
- RGB/LN invoicing protocol: aspects related to mobile payment

Video can be found on the LNP/BP Association YouTube channel
Presentations slides are here LNP-BP/presentations@bd9e986
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