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Audio recording of the call on September 22nd, 2021
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Q&A session
- Is the amount of UTXO, to which a specific RGB asset is assigned, a hidden or public information ?
- My question is about rgb-node, now is break for the updatings in rgb-core and rbg20, is going to be released updated soon? it's going to have much change respect what we have today, appart from adapting to changes in another libraries? 
- What is the link between AluVM and Contractum? 
- AluVM will be included on the next reales and be required to run RGB? How rgb-20 is impacted? Can we say AluVM is the current way to do client-side validation?
- Does Bitcoin Pro have to be updated for AluVM?
- In your opinion, what would be the better way to implement LLVM IR to AluVM bytecode? LLVM IR compiling to bytecode or (as you mentionned in a previous call) LLVM IR translated into ALU asm via parser? Or other way like o a Rust pest project? (LLVM IR -> Aluasm). Same questions for WASM - AluVM.
- Can RGB be compatible with ZK-Rollups? I understand Roll-up is not preferred. But is it viable as an immediate interim solution to bring already built solutions to RGB before pure client side validation is built? 
- Is the unowned state is still a subject? What is it exactly?
- What is a valency in the context of RGB?
- What is the state of LNP in the scope of RGB? How is client-side validation done with LN? Is Francisco ready to dive in this? 
- If I have RGB assets assigned to a Bitcoin UTXO and I want to run this UTXO in a CoinJoin, what will happen? Will I loose my RGB assets?
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