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Example Notebooks

MathEngine Tutorial - A tutorial notebook for getting started with MathEngine and SensorCloud data.

Bearing Data Analysis - Performs frequency analysis on burst data to monitor bearing health.

ISO 10816-3 Bearing Analysis - Performs frequency analysis on burst data to monitor bearing health.

Demo Structures - Demonstrates Simple MathEngine tools for structural analysis.

Notch Filter- A method to apply a bandstop or notch filter to a data set for the purpose of removing a specific series of frequency components.

Scale Channel Axes - Provides a quick script for taking two chunks of data, and scaling their time axes and using two Y axes for direct comparison.

Email Report - Demonstrates how to embed a graph image generated by MathEngine into an email report.

Coffee Lights (LIFX) - The script that powers our in-house Coffee indicator, taking our data from SensorCloud and using it to change the color of LIFX bulbs.

External Data Sources

Weather Underground - Demonstrates pulling in data from a 3rd party API, and adding the data as new channels in SensorCloud.

Stock Market Analysis - Script which pulls data from Yahoo Finance in CSV format, parses it into numpy arrays, and demonstrates plotting of datasets with matlabplotlib.

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