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AmbiLED.NET v3
AmbiLEDd.NET v3


This is latest AmbiLED source code...
- not finished so it's not stable release!

!!!! if you are going to use any part of this code
then ALWAYS PUBLISH SOURCE CODE of application you made!!!

When more people work on a software/project and continue
someone’s work, then project grows and everyone's happy.
- If they stop(?) - What then??
...publishg source code, then project probably dies!

Let’s say MS will release DX12. What then?
Then probably you'll ask Justin for help in this issue...
This is how this works... (Who's Justin? -later...)

!!! you don't need to write my name in the credits,
but ALWAYS PUBLISH SOURCE CODE of application you made!!!
--- please!

Who's Justin?
Justin is "the Hooking-master" :) I'm kidding with this
name, but he is the only one who's waiting for beer
for all of this DX stuff inside...

And he is a guy who can help you with DX issues...

BTW: Did you heard that Philips stopped AmbiLight TV
production? I just heard that yesterday and I heard
also that they failed on the TV's market - in my opinion
it’s because of their TV’s price – too expensive.

Not sure if this is a true news, but anyway they still
have patents for AmbiLight...
please do not forget to always publish source code
of anything you do... !!!

Hope more people will continuee AmbiLED project...


Silas Mariusz Grzybacz
silas ;-)

notes about app...
-	using old style settings saving method)
-	I believe threading is not working well there
-	I think DX10/11 support does not have implemented
    Image.Resize, so I think it captures original size
	image – too heavy for future pixel capture methods
-	Not finished auto-application detection
-	Sometimes it crash – I think because of threading...
-	Some issues between daemon and client communication...

... I think it needs to be rewrited and sorry no time
to do this...