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Turret powerup behaves strangely when reaquired #18

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the LÖVE-Party member

Turrets acquired from the turret pickup behave strangely; any previous turrets are reassigned to the owner of the new turret and snapped to their position.
They do not revert if the new owner is killed, the effect repeats if another ship acquires a turret pickup; causing them to inherit all previous turrets.

the LÖVE-Party member

You say bug, I say great game mechanism.

It reminds me of an old gaming mechanism. Where is there is one overpowered player in the game, whoever beats the overpowered player, becomes the overpowered player. This is a little bit different, I know. But I have to say I really enjoyed it. And if the turrets shot automatically, the enemy with the turrets will be your greatest fear!!!

I've gotta be honest that I was very dissapointed when I got 10-ish turrets and they got stolen. But I knew I could get them back just by finding a new turret pickup, which made me continue to play the game, because I just wanted to get my turrets back before I would close the game.

I think the unlimited amount of turrets, never ending level, stuff like that makes it (at least for me) very addictive. We have to think of more stuff to make it even more addictive. Preferably, there would be a never ending curve. It must make the player want to beat the game, although there is no way of beating it. The only thing there is, is a score at death. I love it. <3.

oh and also;

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