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Distributed Computing Laboratory, EPFL

We are the Distributed Computing Lab (DCL) @ EPFL. Our research is about the theory and practice of distributed computing.

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    ASCYLIB (with OPTIK) is a concurrent-search data-structure library with over 40 implementantions of linked lists, hash tables, skip lists, binary search trees, queues, and stacks.

    C 170 42

  2. CLHT CLHT Public

    CLHT is a very fast and scalable (lock-based and lock-free) concurrent hash table with cache-line sized buckets.

    C 145 21

  3. AggregaThor AggregaThor Public

    Byzantine-resilient distributed SGD with TensorFlow.

    Python 37 12

  4. mu mu Public

    Mu: Microsecond Consensus for Microsecond Applications

    C++ 36 4

  5. ssmem ssmem Public

    ssmem is a simple object-based memory allocator with epoch-based garbage collection

    C 33 11

  6. CS451-2023-project CS451-2023-project Public

    The official repo of the Distributed Algorithm course (CS451) project - Fall 2023

    Python 30 15


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