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(Discontinued) Google Material Icons for Sketch - DOWNLOAD | 🐦 Twitter🏀 Dribbble

Because Google Design team did a really good job with its new Material Theme Editor plugin, I decided to stop supporting future updates. The plugin has lots of features and resources, including new set of icons (Filled, Sharp, Rounded, Two-Toned, and Outined icons).

For more information, please check the Material Theme Editor website.

A special thanks to everyone who supported this project. 🤗

Google Material Icons for Sketch is a Google icon set for Sketch App. These are originally from Google library, which I'll try to keep updated.


Icons Update 2.2

The 2.2 update adds 41 new icons.

File fixes and improvements:

A HUGE Thanks imaaronjames and jpwain for improving the structure & organization of the file!

Sketch file updates:

v1.1 - Improved structure & organization by imaaronjames

  • Removed nested folders
  • Removed all masks and clipping groups
  • Consolidated all paths into one compound path per icon
  • Consistently renamed all folders, icons, bounds, and paths to match Material Icons
  • Reordered canvas from A-Z
  • Reordered layers from A-Z

v1.2 - Improved info and coordinates by jpwain

  • Moved the artboards to start at 0,0 coordinate.
  • Added an _About artboard
  • Added a version string for the file (because it varies from the Google release number) to the About artboard.
  • Set file version to 1.2, tentatively, calling @imaaronjames update 1.1.
  • Added github project URL to the About artboard.

v1.3 - Improved pixel perfection and scalable aspect ratio

  • Fixed icons size where sometimes, could be slightly off the pixel grid
  • Locked aspect ratio in order to keep scalable icons consistent

v1.4 - Minor icons updates

  • Some of the the icons found at the official Google Material Icons website, don't match the .svg/.png files, when downloaded. (i.e. ic_person_pin, and almost every ic_sentiment); I've manually fixed them. You can still find the "outdated" versions of those same icons in the file.
  • ic_photo_filter updated

v2.0 - Converting Sketch file to Shared Library

  • Converted icons to symbols
  • Added How to Sketch Library artboard
  • Split symbol icons into their respective categories, i.e. Action, Alert, AV, etc.


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