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MatterBot - A chat bot for MatterMost (
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Documentation available at Read the Docs.

What's that

A chat bot for Mattermost.


  • Based on Mattermost WebSocket API
  • Simple plugins mechanism
  • Messages can be handled concurrently
  • Automatically reconnect to Mattermost when connection is lost
  • Python3 Support


Mattermost MatterBot
>= 3.5 > 1.0.19
>= 3.3 && <= 3.4 1.0.18
>= 3.0 && <= 3.2 1.0.17
< 3.0 < 1.0.16


pip install mattermost_bot



First you need create the mattermost email/password for your bot.


Then you need to configure the BOT_URL, BOT_LOGIN, BOT_PASSWORD, BOT_TEAM in a python module, which must be located in a python import path.

SSL_VERIFY = True  # Whether to perform SSL cert verification
BOT_URL = 'http://<>/api/v3'  # with 'http://' and with '/api/v3' path. without trailing slash. '/api/v1' - for version < 3.0
BOT_LOGIN = '<bot-email-address>'
BOT_PASSWORD = '<bot-password>'
BOT_TEAM = '<your-team>'  # possible in lowercase


or MATTERMOST_BOT_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable, which provide settings module

MATTERMOST_BOT_SETTINGS_MODULE=settings.bot_conf matterbot

Run the bot

Use the built-in cli script and point to your custom settings file.

MATTERMOST_BOT_SETTINGS_MODULE=mattermost_bot_settings matterbot

or you can create your own startup file. For example

from import Bot

if __name__ == "__main__":

Now you can talk to your bot in your mattermost client!

Attachment Support

from import respond_to

def webapi_reply(message):
    attachments = [{
        'fallback': 'Fallback text',
        'author_name': 'Author',
        'author_link': '',
        'text': 'Some text here ...',
        'color': '#59afe1'
        'Attachments example', attachments,
    # Optional: Send message to specified channel
    # message.send_webapi('', attachments,

Integrations must be allowed for non admins users.


A chat bot is meaningless unless you can extend/customize it to fit your own use cases.

To write a new plugin, simply create a function decorated by or

  • A function decorated with respond_to is called when a message matching the pattern is sent to the bot (direct message or @botname in a channel/group chat)
  • A function decorated with listen_to is called when a message matching the pattern is sent on a channel/group chat (not directly sent to the bot)
import re

from import listen_to
from import respond_to

@respond_to('hi', re.IGNORECASE)
def hi(message):
    message.reply('I can understand hi or HI!')

@respond_to('I love you')
def love(message):
    message.reply('I love you too!')

@listen_to('Can someone help me?')
def help_me(message):
    # Message is replied to the sender (prefixed with @user)
    message.reply('Yes, I can!')

    # Message is sent on the channel
    # message.send('I can help everybody!')

To extract params from the message, you can use regular expression:

from import respond_to

@respond_to('Give me (.*)')
def give_me(message, something):
    message.reply('Here is %s' % something)

If you would like to have a command like 'stats' and 'stats start_date end_date', you can create reg ex like so:

from import respond_to
import re

@respond_to('stat$', re.IGNORECASE)
@respond_to('stat (.*) (.*)', re.IGNORECASE)
def stats(message, start_date=None, end_date=None):

And add the plugins module to PLUGINS list of mattermost_bot settings, e.g.

    'devops.plugins',          # e.g. git submodule:  domain:devops-plugins.git
    'programmers.plugins',     # e.g. python package: package_name.plugins
    'frontend.plugins',        # e.g. project tree:

For example you can separate git repositories with plugins on your team.

If you are migrating from Slack to the Mattermost, and previously you are used SlackBot, you can use this battery without any problem. On most cases your plugins will be working properly if you are used standard API or with minimal modifications.

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